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Marine Deco CEM


Marine Deco CEM

Decorative concrete coating for multiple surfaces

Product description

Marine Deco CEM is a ready-mixed dry powder product, which only needs to be added clean cold water followed by an effective mixing. After mixing, Marine Deco CEM can be used by itself or in combination with RUSTIC in a 2-3 layered floor- or wall construction, or for creating concrete surfaces on tabletops, furniture etc. Marine Deco CEM can be used on most vertical and horizontal surfaces. Marine Deco CEM is ideal if a smooth and soft surface is desired.

Exampels of use
  • Tabletops
  • On horizontal surfaces
  • On vertical surfaces
  • To create a minimalistic and timeless style
  • Floors with a minimal thickness
  • Giving existing floors new life

Depending on the desired consistency you can add between 1.1-1.9 (34-65 oz) of clean cold water pr. 5 kg (11.02 lb) dry powder of Marine Deco CEM. When mixing Marine Deco CEM with water it is important to use a clean bucket in an appropriate size and a power drill with a suitable whisk. It is recommended to pour 2/3 of the water into the bucket before adding powder. Marine Deco CEM and the remaining water is the poured in slowly during stirring until you reach the desired consistency. Let the mixture rest for 2-3 minutes before using the finished product. If color is added this should be mixed thoroughly into the dry powder before adding water. Typical water volumes per 5 kg dry product: Wall - 1.1-1.2 litres (37-40 oz) (suitable for filling on horizontal and vertical surfaces) Floor - 1.4-1.6 litres (48-54 oz) (suitable for filling on horizontal traps) Slightly liquid - 1.7-1.9 litres (59-65 oz) (suitable for use with brush, paint roller or sponge)

Health and safety

Marine Deco CEM is non-toxic and safe to use. When the powder comes in contact with water or moisture, it becomes strongly alkaline. It is recommended that you wear a dust mask, protective clothing and gloves during mixing and application.


The surface must be suitable and cleaned of oil, grease and other loose particles that can impair adhesion. The surface must be primed with DC PRIMER before the first coat of Marine Deco CEM. Then spray with clean water between each layer, for optimal adhesion - in both cases, 'puddles' must be avoided. In cases where Marine Deco CEM is applied on surfaces such as plastic, glass, steel, ceramics etc., it can be necessary to prime the surface with epoxy with sprinkled sand instead.

Marine Deco CEM can be applied with a paint roller, brush, steel trowel, rubber trowel, glitter board or with a mason sponge. It must be distributed on the entire desired surface in an even layer, with a thickness of 0.2-0.4 mm per. layer. (0.01 in-0.02 in) The number of layers of Marine Deco CEM depends on the desired effect. To achieve a smooth, even look, you should sand between each layer.

The product must be completely dry before sanding. We recommend using grit 40 to 240, depending on the desired finish. DO NOT use Marine Deco CEM if the temperature is below + 5°C or higher than + 30°C. The product must also not be used outdoors if it is expected to rain, snow, hail etc. within 48 hours.

Post processing

8-24 hours after the last coat of Marine Deco CEM has been applied (it must be completely dry), apply a finishing sealer to protect the surface. The most suitable finishing product must be selected according to the desired power or the required wear resistance level.


Marine Deco CEM is available in four standard colors - Alba, Illume, Drizzly and Nightfall. Marine Deco CEM can be dyed with a wide range of acquisition colors on request.


Tools and equipment must be cleaned with water before the product sets. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

Pot life

After mixing with water Marine Deco CEM can be used for 1-2 hours depending on temperature. In many cases, the product can be "kept going" for 3-4 hours by regularly stirring in the finished mass. Cooled environments in the construction and / or cooled products will reduce the flowability, as well as the product's hardening and drying properties. In contrast, high temperatures can also affect the properties of the product, by shortening the processing time and allowing it to dry out too quickly.

Durability and storage

Minimum of 12 months in a dry, frost-free environment and in unopened original packaging. Do not store outdoors.

Material use

Typically 0.2-0.4 kg/m² (0.44-0.88 lb/10 ft²) per layer. Consumption will vary depending on the substrate, amount of water, method of application and environment.


Marine Deco CEM is delivered in buckets of 5 kg (11.02 lb)

Product information

Material consumption
1 kg/mm/m² (0.22 lb/in/ft²)

Layer thickness
0.2-0.4 mm (0.01-0.02 in) per layer.

Application temperature
5-35°C (41-95°F)

Coverage per 5 kg bucket
Layer thickness max 0.4 mm (0.02 in)
12,5-25 m² (134,5-269 ft²)

Mixing ratio
Wall: 1.1-1.2 litres (37-40 oz) of water per bucket of 5 kg (11.02 lb)
Floor: 1.4-1.6 litres (48-54 oz) of water per bucket of 5 kg (11.02 lb)
Slightly liquid: 1.7-1.9 litres (59-65 oz) of water per bucket of 5 kg (11.02 lb)

Pot life
20-25 minutes at 20°C/68°F and 80 % RH.

Min. 12 months in unopened packaging.

In dry conditions, do not expose to moisture and freezing temperature.

Deco CEM: 5 kg (11.02 lb) plastic bucket.
DC Primer: 1 and 10 L (338 oz and 3380 oz) can.
Sealer: 1 L (338 oz) can.