A solid solution

About us

Marlon Marine A/S is a subsidiary of Marlon Tørmørtel A/S which was founded back in 1978. Over the years, our production has grown so much that today we are a very strong supplier with one of Europe’s most modern factories, which is constantly being expanded. In 2012 we started producing and delivering products to the maritime industry for private labels, but in 2019 we decided to produce marine products under our own brand name, which allows us to produce fairly large quantities in a very high quality, directly to our customers Worldwide on very short notice. Our ideas at Marlon Tørmørtel A/S are based on an increasing need for high quality standard and customized cement products. For us, it is about providing the customer and the contractor with the right solution, both in terms of quality and price.  We deliver specially designed quality products – and we do it on time. Our many years of experience have taught us that timing is a crucial aspect of maritime projects.

We look forward to being your reliable supplier in the future.


Specialist construction projects require specialist dry mortar. This is what our founder Karl Ladegaard realized and is the reason why he founded Marlon Tørmørtel A/S back in 1978. Since then, his son Martin Ladegaard has taken over the director's chair, but the goal is still the same: to deliver top-quality dry mortar that meets our customer's needs. Today we have more than 40 employees across production and administration, and we find the best solutions at the best prices every day.