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Product description

Marlon Marine 900 SL is a polymer modified cement-based self-levelling, pumpable and fine smoothing compound for steel-, galvanized steel- and aluminum decks in thickness from 1 to 30 mm (0,04-1,18 in).

By normal condition (20°C/68°F and 80 % RH) Marlon Marine 900 SL quickly attains a high surface strength and is walkable after 3-4 hours, depending of temperature. Final covering can be applied after 1-3 days. Note that the curing time depends on the substrate temperature and the ambient air temperature of the working area as well as the relative humidity. Marlon Marine 900 SL can be applied by hand or applied by pump in bigger areas of application when using a mixer pump. The mixed Marlon Marine 900 SL should be distributed over the surface using a steel trowel, toothed or flat spatula or spiked roller. Pot life is approx. 20-25 min. Marlon Marine 900 SL meets all requirements according to IMO FTP Code 2010 part 5.

Product advantages

For marine and offshore installations in all types of dry accommodation areas before laying carpet, vinyl, tiles, etc.

  • Smooth surface, easy to apply
  • Rapid drying, fast setting
  • One component, ready to mix
  • Pumpable
Surface preparation

Marlon Marine 900 SL self levelling compound is to be applied inside ships on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete/cement-based, stone and ceramics and plywood boards, to level the surface before application of deck finishing materials such as: carpets, tiles, parquet, rubber and vinyl. For dense materials such as vinyl, epoxy coatings, membranes and for joint-free coating, etc., the remaining moisture has to be less than 5 %. For wet areas, please contact Marlon Marine for further information.

The shop-primed surface must be clean, free from dust, grease, oils and other substances, which may impair the adhesion. The whole surface has to be primed with Marlon Marine Primer F and after the drying of the primer Marlon Marine 900 SL may be applied.

Marlon Marine 900 SL cannot be applied directly on zinc-rich shop primed surface, aluminum or galvanized steel. In such case, please contact Marlon Marine.

Mixing process

Marlon Marine 900 SL is mixed with cold fresh water to produce an easy flowing compound (amount of water, please see product specification).


After application, the finished areas should be protected against direct heat, sunlight and draft during the curing process. The materials may not be exposed to moisture and freezing temperatures. The applied Marlon Marine 900 SL compound may not be exposed to freezing temperature, heat, sunlight and draft, before being fully cured.

Slow drying due to low temperature and/or poor film formation due to high humidity as well as non-proper priming can cause pinholes in the leveling layer.

For special applications not covered in this product datasheet, please contact Marlon Marine for further advice and guidance.


The recommendations relating to the application and end use of Marlon Marine products are given in good faith based on our current knowledge and experience. The information and recommendations are given without warranty of any kind and does not lead to any further liability for Marlon Marine, besides what is stated in the sales agreement. It is the buyer or end-user’s responsibility to investigate or in other way make sure that Marlon Marine´s product are suitable for the intended use and further are stored, handled and applied in accordance with stated directions. All orders are delivered and accepted in accordance with Marlon Marine´s general conditions of sale.

Product information

Material consumption
0.9 kg/mm/m² (4.68 lb/inch/ft²).

Application temperature
5-35°C (41-95°F).

3-4 hours.

Layer thickness
1 mm - 30 mm (0.04 in - 1.18 in).

Mixing ratio
7.5-7.8 liters (255-265 oz) of water per bags of 18 kg (39.68 lb)
41-43 % of the dry weight of the material.

Pot life
20-25 minutes at 20°C/68°F and 80 % RH.

Min. 12 months in unopened packaging.

In dry conditions, do not expose to moisture and freezing temp.

18 kg (39.68 lb) bags on plastic wrapped pallets (50 bags per pallet) and 700 kg (1543.23 lb) big bags.

Properties   Method
Compressive strength, 28 days > 18 MPa (2610 psi) DS/EN 13892-2
Bending Tear strength, 28 days > 5 MPa (725 psi) -
Flow rate 125-130 mm flow ring 50x22 mm (5.12 in) SS 923519
Tested according to FTP Code system and approved according to the IMO Marine Equipment Directives


Marine 900 SL details


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